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Alice Academy


Gakuen Alice is the story of a 10-year old girl, Mikan Sakura, who is devastated when her best friend, Hotaru Imai, transfers to a special school for "genius" kids in Tokyo. After hearing horrible rumors of what happens in the Academy, Mikan runs away from home to seek out her dear friend, and finds that the school Hotaru transferred to, Gakuen Alice, is specifically for children who each have a special power called an "Alice". To Mikan's surprise, a teacher at Gakuen Alice, Narumi, discovers that she too has a unique Alice, leading to her admission into the school.df



  angel tales                   

                     3UEe1ryK1rY                      Goro's down on his luck.He keeps losing his job and has a really little money.One day he meets a fortune teller outside of a pet store who predicts that his luck will change.That night three girls appeared in his apartment claiming to be his a guardian angels.Soon a total of twelve girls appeared to help him,each one of them use to be a pet owned by Goro,but died in a accident and born again as guardian angles.           



Mitsudome is about 3 sisters, Mitsuba,Futaba,and Hitoha.Mitsuba, the oldest sister,is the one on the right side on the picture above that has a belt.She is very mean but has strong feeling for everyone.Futaba,the 2nd oldest sister,is the one on the way left side of the picture above she is perverted and super strong.Hitoha the youngest sister of them all is in the middle of the picture.She is the one with the porn book in her hand,she loves the class hamster,loves Gachi Rangers,and is very scary sometimes (because of her eyes), but she  is not trying to be scary.....

Anyways,Mitsudomoe is a very sad story but in a very funny way.There is a tons of misunderstanding in the anime.

 Mamotte lollipop



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 Kore wa zombie desu ka?


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